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Calendar Pads

For a small, inexpensive way to advertise your business or cause, choose calendar pads from 24-7 Calendars! With your own custom design at the top, and a tear-away monthly calendar on bottom, a calendar pad is a great way to keep your name in everyone's mind year-round.

With a calendar pad, it's easy to add important days you want everyone to remember. Giving the calendars to employees? Add in any company holidays, birthdays, or other significant dates. Handing out the calendars to customers or selling them as a fundraiser? List big sale days/weeks, the date of a big charity event, or holiday hours. Not only do people think of your business or organization every time they look at your calendars. They also have a handy reference for any important dates.

Calendar pads aren't just for businesses either, they make great giveaways for schools, sports teams, churches, you name it! No matter what you want them for, we customize them specifically for your needs. For your calendar design, your ideas are only limited by the size of the calendar. Be as unique and creative as you want. As long as it fits, we can print it! Whether you have a specific design in mind, or just a general idea, we'll work with you to ensure your calendars look exactly how you envision them. Our design team will take your ideas and turn them into some great looking custom calendar pads.

Shaped Calendar Pads

Shaped Calendar Pad Magnets

We offer the customizing option of shaped calendar pads for your tear away calendar pads. These tear away calendar pad magnets can come in a variety of stock shapes that we offer, and they're great as freebies for your clients and customers since there's the added bonus of an attention getter. The standard rectangle shapes are fine, and can provide some marketing results, but the shaped calendar pad magnets really stand out and call attention to logos, slogans, phone numbers or anything else used to promote businesses, organizations or causes. Shaped calendar pad magnets are great for helping to keep up with appointments, or remember certain dates. Like the rectangular calendar pad magnets, shaped calendar pad magnets are coated with the same protective coating and applied to the same flexible vinyl magnetic material.

Amount 100 250 500 1000 2500 5000
BL5050 - BL5054 $1.507 $0.955 $0.794 $0.659 $0.616 CALL

$20 Set-up Charge
Imprint color other than black, add $24.00. Full-color imprint, add $0.20 per piece. Envelopes, $0.16 each.

Calendar Pad Magnets

Calendar magnets can promote your business with imprinted logos and contact information with the calendar imprinted in a sheet of vinyl magnetic material. Sports schedules are often popular items along with 12 month calendars, and showing support for a team through imprinted logos with that team's schedule is a great way to promote your business. Calendar magnets come in full color, or the thrifty one color, or picture frame. Imprinted calendar magnets from 24-7Calendar s.com are protected with a coating of plastic. Then the imprinting is applied to a vinyl magnetic material that is both flexible and durable. These inexpensive items are popular giveaways to clients and customers alike, and sports fans absolutely love them.

Calendar Pad Magnets
Item # 100 250 500 1000 2500
BL - 5010 $1.461 $0.886 $0.725 $0.596 $0.544
BL - 5020 $1.599 $1.024 $0.863 $0.711 $0.669

$20 Set-up Charge
Imprint color other than black, add $24.00. Full-color imprint, add $0.20 per piece. Envelopes, $0.16 each.

Peel & Stick Calendar Pads

Get the benefit of business card calendar pads without actually having to have your business card imprinted in a calendar pad magnet. This option is great for those who want to promote more than one business out of a single batch of calendar pad magnets. Combineing business cards with calendar and fridge magnets is smart. Paper business cards are easily lost or thrown away. These calendar pad magnets come with an adhesive material attached to a vinyl magnetic material. Attaching your business card is simple, and it can ensure that whoever gets your business card will keep it, and even look at it daily. With these tear off calendar pad magnets you can make your own business card magnets in two steps. Peel off the liner, then place your business card.

Peel and Stick Calendar Pad Magnets
Item # 100 250 500 1000 2500
BL - 5010B $0.725 $0.449 $0.437 $0.386 $0.376
BL - 5020B $1.932 $0.633 $0.598 $0.534 $0.523

Calendar Designs

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Customer Testimonials

  • I just wanted to let you know I got my first order of 2500 calendar magnets today and was very, very happy with the quality and look. As I previously said to you, I had calendar magnets manufactured by another company and I had problems with the laminate coming loose and the magnets not being strong enough. Yours are plenty strong and your mylar finish is very durable. Very happy with what you produced for me!

    Ed Buttimore

  • I just wanted to thank you so much for your help in getting our order here on time. They were beautiful! Our graduation went off very smoothly. We had the Prime Minister of the Bahamas as our guest speaker, so the place was packed with people! It was great! Thanks again for your help. The calendars added a very nice touch to everything else. I look forward to working with your company again in future.

    Nancy Seymour

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