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Calendar Magnets

Calendar magnets make fantastic promotional items that are small and inexpensive. Featuring your own custom logo, message, or design, calendar magnets are a perfect way to keep people thinking about your business or cause every time they check the date.

When designing your calendar magnets, add any special dates to the list that you'd like everyone to remember. Business holidays, event dates, birthdays, daily/weekly sales, or any other important dates. Calendar magnets not only remind people of your business every time they check a date, they also have an easy reference for any important days related to your business.

Calendar magnets are perfect for all types of businesses or organizations, from churches to schools to sports teams, you name it! What better way to promote yourselves than with an item that people use every day?

At 24-7Calendars.com, we're committed to making your custom calendars to your exact specifications. When it comes to your design, the only limitation is the size, so be creative! You want your calendar magnets to be unique and eye-catching.

Our design team will work with you every step of the way, whether you have an exact plan for what you want, or only an idea. Either way, we'll design something special for you that will stand out from the crowd. Contact us today, and let us design some custom calendar magnets for you!

Custom Calendar Magnets

Calendar Magnets

Our calendar magnets can be printed using any year and any information you would like. We can develop a key to indicate holidays or events of interest on your calendar magnets. Calendar magnets are a great way to get your business name into your customers' homes.

Real estate agencies, attorneys, and many other businesses can use calendar magnets to break through the clutter of junk mail to reach customers in their homes. You can use calendar magnets for all of your advertising and marketing needs. You can also use our calendar magnets as a fundraiser for your organization.Calendar magnets can be tailored to fit your needs. All sorts of businesses can benefit from top-of-mind awareness that calendar magnets can generate.

Size 125 250 500 1000 2500 5000 10k
2" X 4" $1.270 $0.570 $0.474 $0.316 $0.224 $0.157 $0.145
3 1/2" X 4" $1.390 $0.760 $0.570 $0.380 $0.311 $0.238 $0.208
3 1/2" X 5 1/2" $1.430 $0.878 $0.810 $0.524 $0.427 $0.308 $0.292
4" X 6" 1.83 $0.940 $0.810 $0.680 $0.530 $0.440 $0.403
4" X 7" $1.83 $0.940 $0.810 $0.680 $0.530 $0.440 $0.403
5" X 7" $1.89 $0.940 $0.810 $0.680 $0.530 $0.440 $0.403

$20 Set-up Charge
Imprint color other than black, add $24.00. Full-color imprint, add $0.20 per piece. Envelopes, $0.16 each.

Calendar Magnets

We also can print a calendar magnet for a local school schedule with your information at the top. These calendar magnets can offer positive brand associations by sponsoring the school information.

Calendar Magnets

We print all of our calendar magnets with a full bleed at no extra cost, which means you can maximize the space of your magnets. Also, there is no limit to the imprint area of your custom calendar magnets. Calendar magnets are 20mil thick. Calendar magnets are digitally offset printed on paper. All of our calendar magnets come laminated with a ultra-clear markable Mylar covering. The standard sizes for calendar magnets are 4"x 6," 4" x 7," or 5" X 7."

Calendar Magnets

Calendar Designs

Check out our current designs for 2024!

Customer Testimonials

  • I just wanted to let you know I got my first order of 2500 calendar magnets today and was very, very happy with the quality and look. As I previously said to you, I had calendar magnets manufactured by another company and I had problems with the laminate coming loose and the magnets not being strong enough. Yours are plenty strong and your mylar finish is very durable. Very happy with what you produced for me!

    Ed Buttimore

  • I just wanted to thank you so much for your help in getting our order here on time. They were beautiful! Our graduation went off very smoothly. We had the Prime Minister of the Bahamas as our guest speaker, so the place was packed with people! It was great! Thanks again for your help. The calendars added a very nice touch to everything else. I look forward to working with your company again in future.

    Nancy Seymour

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